COSMOMC Download

Source download

Thank you for signing up, to get the latest CosmoMC version run

git clone --recursive
If you want the version that can be used to reproduce Planck 2018 results see the download of the code (both requires ifort 14+ or gfortran 6+).

Please e-mail Antony Lewis ASAP if you find any bugs. For support please see the computer forum on CosmoCoffee.

The code is also available on GitHub. On request you can also get access to a private git development repository, just email Antony. Various third-party add-ons for CosmoMC are linked in the Readme.


CosmoMC (and CAMB) can also be compiled and run in a CosmoBox virtual environment, using a latest tested gfortran 6 build.

Old versions

Older versions are also available.

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