GetDist File

Program to process .txt chain files produced by CosmoMC (
Calculates statistics, thins, produces 1D and 2D marginalized plots and scatter plots
and writes out useful information.
Option to adjust priors and map parameters - write code below

Output files are (depending on options)

file_root.margestats - the mean, limits and stddev from the 1D marginalized distributions
file_root.likestats  - the best fit, and limits from the N-D confidence region
file_root.m          - MatLab .m file to produce 1D marginalized plots
file_root_2D.m       - MatLab .m file to produce 2D marginalized plots
file_root_3D.m       - MatLab .m file to produce 2D sample plots colored by a third parameter
file_root_tri.m      - MatLab .m file to produce triangle plots (1D on diagonal, 2D off-diagonal)
file_root_thin.txt   - thinned merged versions of input files
file_root.covmat     - covariance matrix for parameters
file_root.corr       - covariance matrix for parameters normalized to have unit variance
file_root.PCA        - human-readable file giving details of PCA, constrained parameters, etc
file_root.converge   - Various statistics to help assess chain convergence/sampling error

You can easily edit the .m files produced to produce custom layouts of plots, etc.
Data for plots are exported to the plot_data_dir folder, other files to out_dir

March 03: fixed bug computing the limits in the .margestats file
May 03: Added support for triangle plots
Dec 03: Support for non-chain samples, auto-correlation convergence, auto_label,
split tests to quanify sampling error on upper and lower quantiles
Jan 05: MatLab 7 options, various minor changes
Jul 05: Added limits info to .margestats output
Apr 06: Fixed some version confusions
Aug 06: speeded 2D plotting
Oct 06: Added plot_data_dir and out_dir
Nov 07: uses Matrix_utils, fixed .ps file output filenames,
added markerxxx for vertical lines in 1D matlabl plots
May 08: Option to process WMAP5-formatted chains (thanks to Mike Nolta)
Added font_scale to scale default font sizes, num_contours input parameter (allows more than 2)
Sept 09: use of .paramnames and parameter_names file for names and labels; referencing by name as alternative to number
allowed map_params with 1-column input format
plotparams parameter ordering is preserved (e.g. to change order of 1D plots)
Oct 09:  fixed bug in credible intervals with prior cutoffs (Jan Hammann)
May 10:  added finish_run_command to run system command when getdist finished (e.g. "matlab < %ROOTNAME%.m")
added line_labels to write out roots of lines being plotted (matlab)
added no_triangle_axis_labels
Jan 11:  fix to confidence interval calcaultion for obscure cases with very empty tails (thanks Andrew Fowlie)
Jan 12:  increased precision of output files
Oct 12:  plot_output for pdf,eps,ps output support; subplot_size_inch
fix for more than 100 parameters
Nov-Dec 12: removed sm support; use specific parameter in triangle plots; new R-1 definition, etc...
.. Mar 13: numerous changes..
Apr 13: output .py files, converge_test_limit, etc.
Oct 13: add other mean likelihoods to .likestats