Grids of CosmoMC runs

CosmoMC has a set of scripts for generating and analysing grids of parameter runs using CosmoMC and GetDist, plus a variety of utility scripts and plotting functions. See the python readme for how to configure python on your system.

Most scripts can be run without arguments to show a list of possible input parameters. If you just want to use downloaded grid chains, you can use the plotting scripts and GetDist GUI directly without reading below; see Planck grid readme for examples.

A description for a grid of models is given in a python settings file.

You may also need to produce a modify the supplied job submission script for your machine. See configuring job settings for your machine.

For a more complicated example of a large grid configuration see python/planck/ To run with settings in a module (subfolders) do e.g. "python mygrid planck.settings_planck_2018". Covariance matrices (.covmat files) for Planck data with various parameter combinations are in planck_covmats folder, linked by default for grid runs.

Grid scripts take as a first argument the name of the folder containing the grid, and also many optional arguments that can be used to restrict to particular parameter or data combinations. Available scripts include:

Most scripts have standardized input parameters to restrict to subsets of grid items, e.g. filtering by importance sampling run, no importance sampling, or specific item name (pattern match).