wigglez File

Module storing observed matter power spectrum datasets, their points and window functions
and routines for computing the likelihood

This code is based on that in cmbdata.f90
and on Sam Leach's incorporation of Max Tegmark's SDSS code

Originally SLB Sept 2004
AL April 2006: added covariance matrix support (following 2df 2005)
LV_06 : incorporation of LRG DR4 from Tegmark et al . astroph/0608632
AL: modified LV SDSS to do Q and b^2 or b^2*Q marge internally as for 2df
BR09: added model LRG power spectrum.
AL Oct 20: switch to Ini_Read_xxx_File; fortran compatibility changes

WiggleZ Matter power spectrum likelihood module.  Format is based upon mpk.f90
DP & JD 2013 For compatibility with the latest version of CosmoMC (March2013)

JD 03/08/2013 fixed compute_scaling_factor and associated functions
to work with w_a/=0

JD 09/13: Replaced compute_scaling_factor routines with routines that use CAMB's
built in D_V function.

JD 02/14  Moved common MPK functions to power_spec.f90 implemented AL's
Calculator_Cosmology functions.