szcounts File

Module for SZ cluster counts likelihood

Module prepared for cosmomcplanck by A. Bonaldi 2015
This module have been used to produce the results in
Planck 2015 results XXIV: Cosmology from Sunyaev-Zeldovich cluster counts
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Original code to compute cluster counts written from 2001

v 0.1
Jochen Weller and Richard Battye
all the necessary modules and subroutines

v 1.0
Jochen Weller
modified for optical cluster counts

v 2.0
Jochen Weller
modified for SZ cluster counts

v 3.0
Anna Bonaldi 2011-2013
- Include realistic selection function for Planck
- missing redshifts, errors on redshifts
Matthieu Roman 2012-2013
- QA completeness

v 4.0
Anna Bonaldi 2014-2015
- updates for 2015 analysis
- dN and dzdq likelihood