TSetup Class module:GeneralSetup file:GeneralSetup

Subroutines Expand Arguments

  • DoneInitialize(this)

    Called after likelihoods, base parameters, etc initialized

  • DoSampling(this, Params)
  • DoTests(this, output_root, paramsvals, check_compare)

    This runs likelihoods for fixed values of parameters and outputs the likelihoods and timings e.g. for likelihood testing between versions, performance testing, etc. also can set output_root to write out theory calculation and derived quantities for specific parameters

    • TSetup   :: this
    • character(LEN=*)  :: output_root
    • real(mcp) intent(in) :: paramsvals(:)
    • real(mcp) intent(in) :: check_compare
  • GetMinimizer(this, Minimizer)
  • Init(this)
  • ReadParams(this, Ini)

    Called after Init


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