TSampleList Class module:Samples file:samples

Subroutines Expand Arguments

  • ConfidVal(L, ix, limfrac, Lower, Upper, ix1, ix2)

    Taking the ix'th entry in each array to be a sample, value for which limfrac of the items between ix1 and ix2 (inc) are above or below e.g. if limfrac = 0.05 get two tail 90% confidence limits

    • TSampleList   :: L
    • integer intent(IN) :: ix
    • real(sample_prec) intent(IN) :: limfrac
    • real(sample_prec) intent(OUT), optional :: Lower
    • real(sample_prec) intent(OUT), optional :: Upper
    • integer intent(IN), optional :: ix1
    • integer intent(IN), optional :: ix2