WeightMixer: hybrid cross-power spectrum estimation

Lastest updated Planck-targetted code (e.g. with polarization) now included in LensPix.
This page gives information about the older code specifically for analysing WMAP temperature maps.

The code requires HEALPix 2.x and allows you to:

The code includes all of LensPix - the MPI framework used for doing spherical transforms (based on HealPix).

If you use the code you should of course remember to cite HEALPix as instructed on their page and the relevant WMAP papers.



The supplied parameter file will generate the hybrid mixing matrix, approximate estimator covariance, power spectrum and combined point source spectrum. It takes about 20 minutes for the first run on 8 processors. Subsequent runs are faster as things are cached in the data/ directory: you may need to delete files in this directory if you don't want them to be cached. Output power spectra etc. are int the outfiles directory. To analyse to simulate other data you would need an equivalent set of input maps, beam transfer functions, etc. in a consistent format.

The WMAP analysis is discussed in arXiv:0804.3865. The polarization analysis in the appendix of arXiv:0801.0554.

Output files

You can download the spectrum, noise and point source data from the paper. The files are in the format used by the latest version of the Planck_like likelihood module for CosmoMC.


Antony Lewis April 2008.