CMBlikes Module file:CMBlikes

Pseudo-Cl (or other C_l esimator) based likelihood approximation for cut sky with polarization
AL Mar 2010 - fixed bug using on E, added support for multiple input simulated Chat for bias testing
Apr 2011, added fullsky_exact_fksy
Mar 2014  renamed from Planck_like, removed low-L likelihood to separate file
Updated file structure, allows for binned HL likelihoods. Everything now in L(L+1)CL/2pi
2014 linear correction bin windows (e.g. for Planck lensing likelihood)
Nov 2014: added generalization for more general map cross spectra

    Functions  Expand Arguments

  • real(mcp) ExactChiSq(this, C, Chat, l)
    • TCMBLikes   :: this
    • real(mcp) intent(in) :: C(this%nmaps,this%nmaps)
    • real(mcp) intent(in) :: Chat(this%nmaps,this%nmaps)
    • integer intent(in) :: l